Google urges Firefox users to ditch Yahoo


Google is now fighting to regain its lost search share from Yahoo by encouraging Firefox users to switch their default search engine and home page to its own offerings, reports Search Engine Land.

The search-focused publication noticed messages urging it to switch to Google search at the top of the page when visiting Google’s homepage using Firefox.


Google also tweeted instructions on how to make the switch, linking to a page that explained the process.

Google was recently replaced by Yahoo as the default search engine in Mozilla’s Firefox browser in the US, as the two companies inked a five-year partnership deal last November. Prior to that, Google had made a three-year agreement with Mozilla back in 2011 to serve as the default search engine in Firefox.

StatCounter shows that Yahoo has gained nearly two search market share points in the US since the new deal was made, reaching 10.4 percent in 2015, as compared to 8.6 percent last year.

Google Encouraging Firefox Users To Change Their Search Engine & Home Page [Search Engine Land]

Article image: Search Engine Land

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