Become a better snowboarder with these motion tracking bindings

Become a better snowboarder with these motion tracking bindings

CES had so many things to put on your wrist. Some were cool, most were just a waste of money. But nearly all of them want to tell you how many steps you take. Fortunately, some tracking devices don’t need your wrist and are ready for more than just a way to see how far you walked (spoiler, I walked a lot at CES).

The XON Snow-1 bindings track your snowboarding form with a flex sensor that attaches to your snowboard and load-balance sensors in each binding to track your balance. The data, in conjunction with the Bluetooth-tethered companion app, can be analyzed to help make you a better rider.

It’ll even work with supported cameras to overlay the data, so you can see the information as you ride to determine where you need to improve.


While the skiing version of this technology involves putting a sensor on your gear, the Snow-1 is a pair of bindings, which may not be ideal for advanced riders looking for gear that’s specifically made for their type of riding style. But as a teaching tool, it could be a great way to help riders get rid of bad habits before they take root.

The Snow-1 is expected to launch sometime this year with no word on pricing.


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