Sony’s apology for the PSN outage is a 10 percent discount and extended subscriptions

PSN PlayStation Network

Sony wants to make things right after the DDoS attack that left its PlayStation Network (PSN) crippled and its users unable to play or watch content online.

Anyone who plays on PSN will recieve a 10-percent discount code for whatever they want to buy from the PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Plus members will get a 5-day extension on their subscription.

The discount voucher can only be used once, but there’s no limit to the amount of items you can buy. Sony will announce the code at a later time in January.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus members who had active memberships or free trials on Christmas day will have their subscriptions automatically extended by five days.

On Christmas, both PSN and Xbox Live were hit with DDoS attacks by hacker group Lizard Squad. Although Xbox recovered within a day or so, it took PSN significantly longer to return to full functionality.

➤ An important message for all PSN members [PlayStation Blog]

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