Todoist’s productivity tools arrive on your wrist with Android Wear support

Todoist’s productivity tools arrive on your wrist with Android Wear support

Productivity and task management service service Todoist is today going more mobile than ever with the release of an Android Wear version of its app. Users will now be able to manage their Todoist reminders, notifications and tasks straight from their wrists.


The new Android Wear integration brings some added convenience to Todoist users. For instance, all Todoist notifications are supported and actionable on Android Wear, so users can set up a reminder to pick up dry cleaning, and be notified once you approach a laundromat. You can even then add comments to view later through voice.

You can also easily add new tasks through voice – simply say “Ok Google, start Todoist. Add task,” and you’ll be able to add tasks directly to your inbox.


Finally, you can easily send your Todoist lists to your Android wear devices so you can access them from your wrist later – useful if your hands are too full to pull out your phone while shopping, for instance.

Although the basic functionality here doesn’t necessarily exceed what you can already do with Todoist on your phone, the Android Wear support is convenient for a simple reason: you don’t have to pull out your phone when you’re busy. And when it comes to productivity, anything that makes getting things done easier with fewer distractions is a welcome change.

Todoist for Android Wear

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