Twitter advertisers can now target ads based on the apps a user has installed

Twitter advertisers can now target ads based on the apps a user has installed

After an announcement that it would begin tracking users’ app installs almost two weeks ago, Twitter has begun to allow advertisers to use that data to target users more directly and reach the most valuable audiences.

The functionality is a little more in depth than originally anticipated, however. For example, in addition to app installs, marketers can look at which apps a user has registered or made purchases within.

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This could allow them to continually remind forgetful users to sign up, or persuade them into buying into a special promotion. Twitter says it has already begun testing this functionality with some brands and has received positive feedback on its usefulness.

Still, many users won’t be happy about companies knowing what they’re doing with their apps , so they can disable the ‘feature’ by unchecking the box for ad tailoring in the Twitter app’s privacy settings. The company also says it respects the “limit ad tracking” setting on iOS and the “opt out of interest based advertising” option on Android.

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