Amazon-owned Twitch acquires esports agency GoodGame

Amazon-owned Twitch acquires esports agency GoodGame

Game streaming service Twitch has just announced that it has acquired esports agency GoodGame.

In an announcement Twitch stated:

The acquisition will allow Twitch to harness GoodGame’s unique service package, as well as its staff’s industry expertise and community leadership, in order to offer an even broader array of support and monetization opportunities to the greater Twitch community.

According to Twitch, GoodGame will help broadcasters better monetize their feeds by doing all the heavy lifting associated with sponsorships, advertisements, and merchandising.

GoodGame CEO, Alexander Garfield said in today’s announcement, “We view GoodGame as a conduit. Its purpose is to help support as many players and broadcasters as possible by channeling revenue into our community, and making sure it stays here.”

Twitch was acquired by Amazon back in August after rumors swirled that the video game streaming company was rumored to be in talks with YouTube. Since its inception, the company has seen phenomenal growth of its service as more gamers and broadcasters watch and stream live feeds of video games.

➤ Twitch to Acquire GoodGame Agency

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