Amazon mistakenly ships a conveyor belt roller as a gift

Amazon mistakenly ships a conveyor belt roller as a gift

We’ve all had that feeling of not getting the gifts we wanted for the holidays; why did your aunt buy you socks when you wanted a Nintendo 64?

It’s a bit more unusual, however, when instead of the book about chickens you were supposed to receive from Amazon, you get a a piece of conveyor belt equipment.

Amazon Roller

That’s what happened to Lisa Seger, co-owner of Blue Heron Farm in Texas. She actually wasn’t expecting anything in the mail – the package was supposed to be a surprise gift from a friend – but instead she got the nine-pound conveyor belt roller in a poorly packed box.

Amazon seemed to take the missing equipment rather seriously though, telling Seger she’d have to return the piece or else her friend’s card would be charged.


Ultimately, it remains a mystery how a piece of a conveyor belt managed to find itself on its way to Seger in the first place, but she has a theory:

Personally, I think Amazon’s robot workers are trying to send us humans a message.

Unfortunately, it will take Lisa two weeks to get her chicken book according to Amazon, but you can follow the entire ridiculous saga on Seger’s Twitter timeline.

➤ @BlueHeronFarmTX via Boingboing

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