North Korea says it wasn’t involved in the Sony Pictures hack

North Korea says it wasn’t involved in the Sony Pictures hack

It’s becoming the never ending saga of the month: after many had suspected the massive attack on Sony Pictures’ computers to have been perpetrated by North Korea, the country is now denying those claims.

A North Korean diplomat recently told the Voices of America broadcast network that the alleged link to the attacks was “another fabrication targeting the country,” insisting that North Korea follows “international norms banning hacking and piracy”.

Many had surmised that the attack was retaliation by the country for Sony’s upcoming comedy film The Interview, in which the plot depicts an assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.  Portions of the hack’s methodology matched previous attacks allegedly incited by North Korea, adding fuel to the theory’s fire.

Sony, for its part, has also recently downplayed North Korea’s involvement in the attack.

Whoever the perpetrator is, the attack has been one of the most extensive corporate hacks ever , including a leak of 5 unreleased movies, as well as sensitive company documents and passwords.

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