Hackers release confidential Sony Pictures documents after hack

Hackers release confidential Sony Pictures documents after hack

Last week, hackers held Sony Pictures employee computers to ransom warning that if they didn’t give in to their demands they would release internal files to the public.

Unfortunately for Sony, it looks like the hackers have released a chunk of the “tens of terabytes” of data they obtained from the company’s servers.

In a link dump posted on sharing sites today, some of the files named in the initial attack last week appear to have been released, including a spreadsheet with details of salaries for the company’s top executives. Yesterday, full rips of unreleased movies also appeared on torrent sites.


The documents appear to contain detailed personal information about the company’s other financial records, as well as personnel documentation, such as addresses of employees and more.

An index of the full file dump that the hackers shared last week indicated that future leaks might also contain passwords and private keys for access to servers, the financial records for films and other information.

Recode reports that Sony is looking to North Korea as it investigates the attack and is still struggling to get back online.

We’ve requested comment from Sony’s press team but haven’t heard back yet.

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