Pew: 66% of Americans don’t know what Moore’s Law is – do you?

Pew: 66% of Americans don’t know what Moore’s Law is – do you?

PewResearch has announced the results of its Web IQ study today, revealing that most Americans can’t recognize Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and don’t know what Moore’s Law relates to.

Released today, the report looked at 17 different aspects of technology by presenting questions to just over 1,000 internet users based in the US. While it won’t contribute to the data, you can still take a 12-question version of the quiz.



Overall, only 34 percent knew that Moore’s Law related to the number of transistors that you can fit on a microchip, and only 21 percent recognized Sandberg. Bill Gates fared better though, with 83 percent correctly identifying him. 10 percent managed to incorrectly identify Gates as former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, though.

We won’t spoil the rest of the questions for you because we know you probably can’t resist finding out if you also scored better than 99.8 percent of the public. You can find out here.

➤ PewResearch | Web IQ Quiz [via Recode]

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