Adidas now lets Americans print photos on their sneakers too

Adidas now lets Americans print photos on their sneakers too

Just because you CAN print photos on your shoes, doesn’t mean you should. But that hasn’t stopped Adidas from continuing on its mission to bring the mi ZX FLUX customizable sneaker to millions more people. As noted by PetaPixel, the hitherto Europe-only service was quietly rolled out to the US last week.

In a nutshell, you select your shoe-size from within the app, followed by gender, size and location. Then, take a photo on the spot or pull one in from your camera roll, then scale it, preview it and order.


Though the app was already available in the US, you couldn’t order sneakers Stateside until now. The update is live for iOS, though it’s not yet clear whether the Android incarnation is now fully-featured too – its release notes would suggest not yet.

The damage to have an image of your Starbucks skinny-mocha-chocca latte on your footwear? $110.


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