Quirky + GE announces Norm, the $80 ‘anti-thermostat,’ along with 6 new smart home products

Quirky + GE announces Norm, the $80 ‘anti-thermostat,’ along with 6 new smart home products ...

At its Connected Home press event in New York City today, Quirky, in partnership with General Electric, announced a new line of smart home products engineered to help consumers save energy and boost home safety.


Among the highlights is the Norm, the “death to the thermostat” which controls your home’s temperature by relying on the network of sensors around the house. For example, the Norm can recognize where users are in the home based on the motion or usage of smart products, and adjust the temperature to your desired levels.

The Norm will begin to ship in a “few weeks” and costs $80.

Other new products announced today include:

  • Tripper: a small window/door sensor to monitor home security. The device lasts two years on one battery and costs $40 for two sensors.
  • Overflow: a water sensor to detect moisture levels in your home in case of floods, priced at $35.
  • Outlink: a wall outlet to help consumers “demystify” how much energy is being used from which appliance, and how much that energy costs. The device is $50 and is available now.
  • Tapt: a smart wall switch to connect any button-activated item to the Wink app. The item is $60 and is also available today.
  • Ascend: A sensor to turn most garage doors into a connected one. The device isn’t wireless, however; it does need to be connected to an outlet but users can give temporary access to friends and family via the app. The device will go for $90.

Quirky also announced the Uniq program, allowing customers to build their own custom sensor systems from the Quirky website. With Uniq, customers can create:

  • Spotter Uniq: A custom sensor system that allows up to four functions (sound, temperature, air quality, motion, moisture, carbon monoxide, etc.). The device starts at $30 and goes up depending on what functionality you desire.


The company has acquired a micro-manufacturing facility in San Francisco to create and ship these systems from within the United States. The facility is geared to open in mid-December, and pre-orders for the Spotter Uniq start today.

Lastly, the company announced an update to the Wink app which includes shortcuts and “Robots” to automate your smart home device based on your usage behavior. You learn more about Wink-connected devices via the newly-launched Wink.com.

The rest of the new Quirky + GE line, with the exception of the Outlink and Tapt which is available now, will roll out through the rest of the year into early 2015.

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