GitHub supercharges its enterprise offering with AWS support, better code reviews and more

GitHub supercharges its enterprise offering with AWS support, better code reviews and more

Following a mysterious image appearing on billboards around San Francisco earlier this week, Github has announced today a significantly improved new version of its on-premise Enterprise offering.

The company says that seven million people and ‘hundreds of thousands’ of organizations are using, but there is a desire in business for the ability to isolate code and provide enterprise-level features like single sign-on, which lead to GitHub releasing the first version of its Enterprise offering in 2011.

GitHub Enterprise is a virtual machine image that can be hosted on-premise for businesses that prefer more control and provides GitHub’s tools that developers are familiar with, inside a company’s firewall.

Today’s release bumps GitHub Enterprise to version 2.0 and brings a number of significant new features such as high availability support (which was sorely missing previously), the addition of two-factor authentication for users and the ability to host GitHub Enterprise on Amazon Web Service.

On top of this, the company has overhauled the code review process, team/project management and is now providing a deployments API so that companies using continuous deployment are able to keep track of where code in pull requests is currently deployed. There’s also a whole bunch of smaller improvements, too.

Many improvements in this release appear to bring GitHub’s Enterprise product feature set in line with those available on, which users are accustomed to for personal projects.

This new release is great news for businesses that use GitHub Enterprise at scale and makes it easier for companies to build software collaboratively, even at larger scales.

➤ GitHub Enterprise 2.0

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