Google Forms gets more features with an add-on store

Google Forms gets more features with an add-on store

Google Forms is one of of the most popular ways for people to create invite lists and surveys for free, but so far its toolset has been limited to a pretty basic set of features.

To fix this, Google is today introducing add-ons, extensions made by developer partners which increase the functionality of your forms.

You can check out the new features by selecting a newly incorporated “Add-ons” menu in Forms, or get some extra ones through the add-on store. Some of the add-ons being introduced let you set an automatic end date or maximum response number for your forms, for example, or store and load frequently used lists.

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Right now all the add-ons are free, but one could presume premium extensions will become available for a price; it is a store after all. Developers interested in creating their own add-ons can check out Google’s new guide here.

Google has been pushing more functionality into its forms recently, including themes and randomized question orders. The creation of an add-on store could go a long way towards making Google Forms not just a good free option, but a powerful option as well.

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