Gett announces new driver wages, claiming to pay twice as much as Uber

Gett announces new driver wages, claiming to pay twice as much as Uber

Black car service Gett has raised the wages it pays drivers and issued a direct challenge to Uber by claiming to pay as much as twice the per-minute rate as its competitor. That won’t necessarily add up to twice the annual income for drivers, but it could help Gett recruit drivers away from Uber.

Drivers will receive $0.70 per minute after tax and receive 100 percent of tips. Gett claims that drivers on its platform can make $100,000 a year working 40 hours a week. SUV drivers will earn $0.85 per minute.

Gett is currently running a flat $10 ride promotion in Manhattan through the end of the year. However, TNW staff in New York has had trouble finding cars to take advantage of the deal. Get currently operates in London, New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Uber and Gett have a contentious relationship. Earlier this year, Gett accused Uber employees in New York of launching a denial of service-style attack on its drivers by ordering and canceling over 100 rides. Uber subsequently apologized for “overzealous” driver recruitment efforts.

Update: Uber sent over the following statement:

Uber driver partners do more trips per hour than with any other platform – we’re so sure that we’re willing to bet on it by guaranteeing at least $5,000 per month for every driver through the end of the year. Uber IS the best economic opportunity for NYC drivers.

Notably, Uber pays its New York drivers $0.40 a minute, and also $2.15 a mile, which Gett doesn’t do.


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