Google says government demands for user data have increased 150% in five years

Google says government demands for user data have increased 150% in five years

Today Google published its tenth transparency report as it pertains to government requests for user data. According to Google, governments have stepped up their demands for your data.

Pertaining to worldwide data requests not related to FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and NSL (National Security Letters), there has been a 15 percent increase compared to the same time last year. Since 2009, the increase in requests has grown 150%.

US requests have grown 19 percent since last year and 250 percent since 2009.

Google goes on to talk about the increased demand by governments for user information even after revelations of government surveillance programs. the company states:

Governments have a legitimate and important role in fighting crime and investigating national security threats. To maintain public confidence in both government and technology, we need legislative reform that ensures surveillance powers are transparent, reasonably scoped by law, and subject to independent oversight.

One piece of legislation that Google believes will help curb the mass collection of data is the USA Freedom Act. It would prevent the bulk collection of user metadata and allow Google to be more transparent about requests for user information.

➤ Government demands for user info have risen 150% over the last five years [Google]


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