Braintree brings its PayPal-enabled SDK to merchants in the UK and 5 more markets

Braintree brings its PayPal-enabled SDK to merchants in the UK and 5 more markets

eBay-owned mobile and Web payments provider Braintree has announced that its software development kit (SDK) is now available to devs and businesses in the UK and other markets following its launch in the US last month.

The company said the SDK allows developers to integrate mobile payments into their apps in mere minutes and start accepting payments via PayPal, which opens their businesses up to a significant pool (152 million) of customers.

While it launched in the US last month, it’s now available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and the UK. However, with a huge part of its business overseas, the company added that it plans to extend availability to more than 40 countries, although it didn’t say exactly when.

“Companies based outside the US are an important part of Braintree’s client base with international transactions accounting for more than a third of Braintree’s authorized payment volume”, it said.

It may well have taken nearly a year for Braintree to integrate PayPal payments into its SDK, but it’s encouraging to see support for additional countries rolled out so soon after the US launch. Clearly, it has no time to waste in a market being contested by the likes of Square and iZettle.

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