Offline over the weekend? Read all the tech news you missed right here

Offline over the weekend? Read all the tech news you missed right here

On August 25 1835, the now defunct New York Sun published an article that would later become known as ‘the great moon hoax‘ – in which the author said he had proof that the moon was a hotbed of active life; beaches, trees, oceans, tail-less beavers, unicorns, goats and a trove of other highly unlikely creatures.

In hindsight, it’s obvious to see exactly how ridiculous these claims seem (and why they were told – circulation of the paper increased following them) but can you imagine how uninformed you’d have seemed back then if you’d missed the news that there are unicorns on the moon?

We wouldn’t want you to run that risk, so while there are no tales of bat-like winged creatures, we spent all weekend paying attention to the happenings in tech land. All you need to do now is spend 10 minutes catching up on all the news and features you missed while doing other things. And don’t worry, they aren’t all just made up like those animals on the moon.

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