Braintree launches a PayPal version of its convenient Venmo Touch feature


Mobile payment platform Braintree has launched One Touch PayPal, a new feature in its SDK that evolved from its Venmo Touch service.

One Touch will allow users to authorize payments in third-party apps after authenticating via the PayPal or Venmo apps. Previously, Braintree’s PayPal support required you to enter your user ID and password once per app, but now it will support once per device. As for security, Braintree will monitor for unusual transactions and interject an extra authentication step, such as your personal verification questions.

The service is currently in limited beta in the US and will roll out to all merchants and users in coming weeks.

Braintree CEO Bill Ready said in an interview that One Touch should help merchants improve their conversion rates on mobile devices by saving customers the pain of having to type in card and shipping information.

When Braintree joined PayPal last year, it cited the opportunity to take its mobile payment experience to millions more users as one of its primary reasons for agreeing to the acquisition. With today’s launch, Braintree takes a sizable step in that direction.

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