Yahoo acquires Zofari, a location-based recommendation app

Yahoo acquires Zofari, a location-based recommendation app

Yahoo has picked up a dizzying number of startups since its Tumblr acquisition in May 2013, and today it added one more with Zofari.

The startup currently offers an Android and iOS app that helps you find new spots to explore. Part of the experience is what Zofari describes as “Pandora for places,” which offers personalized collections of venues and businesses that align with your tastes. As you move around, the location “stations” change to reflect the different restaurants, bars or places of interest in the area.

“While we’ve built an experience we couldn’t be more proud of, we’re a small company and have always dreamed of reaching users at a greater scale,” the Zofari team said. “After meeting some of the amazing folks on the Yahoo Search team and hearing about their vision, the decision to join was an easy one.”

The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed and for now, the Zofari apps are still available in their respective stores. The startup refrained from disclosing what it’ll be working on inside Yahoo, but hinted they were “very, very excited.”

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Zofari [via TechCrunch]

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