Confused by Reddit? Now there’s an official beginner’s guide

Confused by Reddit? Now there’s an official beginner’s guide

Reddit, a site often described as “the front page of the internet,” allows anyone to share, discuss and joke about what’s new on the web. But for newcomers, it can often feel like a pretty confusing and alienating place. How do I find new Subreddits? What is ‘karma’ and how does it affect my account? What should I know about Reddiquette?

To make the on-boarding process a little easier, a new “Reddit 101” guide has been published as a sticky post in subreddits and as a permanent Wiki page. It runs through most of the basics, including the sidebar, creating a customised front page, and the difference between moderators and admins.

Long-time Reddit users will likely know all of this already, but it should be a useful resource for beginners. If someone looks a little lost or is breaking basic rules unknowingly, try giving them a gentle nudge with this link.

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Reddit 101

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