Looking for a startup job? Tyba tells you what it’s like to work at tech companies across Europe

Looking for a startup job? Tyba tells you what it’s like to work at tech companies across Europe ...

Tech startups can be among the most innovative places to work, but ironically startup recruitment itself is often free of any notable innovation. Job hunters often end up on basic jobs boards that don’t tell them much about the companies behind the vacancies. Tyba is setting out to change that, in Europe at least.

Aiming at twenty-somethings looking to get their foot in the door of the startup world, Tyba is a directory of European startup workplaces. More ‘brochure’ than ‘job site’, it’s got photos of the offices and key staff at each company, interviews with people who work there and detailed outlines of the vacancies that they have available. The product here is a significant leap from what we saw when the company won the public vote in the Startup Rally at TNW Europe Conference last year.

Madrid-based Tyba has currently has 210 startups listed on its site, and more than 200 job vacancies. That’s particularly impressive when you consider that the company creates all the site’s content in-house. A team from Tyba regularly visits cities across Europe and spends between one hour and 90 minutes with each company, shooting photos and videos. Usually, these are live on the site within three days, according to Eiso Kant, Managing Director and co-founder.

Tyba - Dropbox

Backed by $1.3 million in funding from Sunstone Capital, Tyba is taking on sites like Work in Startups and local startup jobs boards. Kant says that young people who want jobs in startups are often put off by a scarcity of information about what working life is like with their prospective employer and frustrated by a lack of information about their progress in the recruitment process.

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Startups are often small and very busy, so keeping applicants updated about the hiring process isn’t always a high priority. Aiming to keep things as friendly as possible for applicants, Tyba updates them at every stage.

Tyba - Klarna

Kant says that his service is cheaper than recruitment agencies but a little more expensive than a post on a job board. Tech companies can list themselves and their vacancies for free and only pay for access to applicant details when “five-to-ten good candidates” have applied.

Obviously, applicants aren’t getting a neutral view of life at any of the companies listed, but content marketing is proving popular is seemingly every other sector, so why not recruitment? If I was a fresh-faced university graduate looking to dive into the world of startups, Tyba’s site would make the whole industry seem more open, accessible, friendly and appealing than anything else online right now.


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