Google gives Uber users in Philadelphia free in-car Wi-Fi

Google gives Uber users in Philadelphia free in-car Wi-Fi

As part of its ongoing experiments with new and interesting add-on services, Uber is trialing a Wi-Fi service in its cars, kicking off initially in Philadelphia.

The aptly-titled uberWiFi service does exactly what it says on the box, giving the good folks from the City of Brotherly Love access to the Web on the go directly from their automobile. The service comes courtesy of a tie-up with Google Apps for Business, and is available (free) from today through Labor Day (September 1).

WIFI_Screenshot-AppTo see the uberWiFi option, you’ll need to slide the button to ‘Wi-Fi’ at the bottom of the app, and you will be able to beckon a black car for up to four passengers. It’s not open to SUVs.

The tie-up here perhaps isn’t overly surprising, given Google is one of Uber’s big-name investors. Indeed, back in May Google Maps for Android and iOS was updated with Uber transit options, surfacing the availability of private cars alongside other public transport.

However, this isn’t the first time Uber has flirted with free Wi-Fi. Last year, it partnered with a local provider in Italy to launch a similar service too. And with its latest “new and experimental” service likely to be in high-demand in Philadelphia, it’ll be interesting to see whether this particular initiative sticks and is rolled out further afield.

Take Work on the Go With uberWIFI

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