Braintree relaunches its SDK with PayPal integration and ready-made UI

Braintree relaunches its SDK with PayPal integration and ready-made UI

Payment platform Braintree today announced a reboot of its SDK with support for paying with PayPal and new UI support.

eBay acquired Braintree last September, but it took until today for the payment firm to introduce full PayPal support in its SDK. Early partners that have begun taking PayPal are seeing it account for as much as 11 percent of their transactions in little over a week’s time.

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drop in UI

With the latest release, Braintree has also added front-end support to make adding payments even faster for its clients. Previously, developers had to build their own UIs to connect to the Braintree SDK, but now they can drop-in and customize the firm’s existing UI across desktop, Web, mobile Web and native apps. The company has also promised to futureproof the SDK by making future updates “simple to add” for developers.

Braintree is calling the new SDK “” because it embodies the firm’s approach to the future of payments.

“We titled it because we took a completely fresh look,” Braintree CEO Bill Ready said. “We wanted to make sure we’re delivering the tools to rewire mobile payments for the next decade.”

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