HummingBoard challenges Raspberry Pi in the tiny computer market

HummingBoard challenges Raspberry Pi in the tiny computer market

The maker community is growing and with that growth more companies are jumping on the opportunity to create the hardware that will be assimilated into the next DIY project. While Raspberry Pi has been one of the pioneers in the space, there’s a new challenger, the tiny HummingBoard.

The HummingBoard micro-computer from SolidRun, like the Raspberry Pi, is an ARM-based naked board. But even though it cost $10 more than the Pi, it touts more power. It has a 1GHz ARMv7 processor while the Raspberry Pi only has a 700MHz ARMv6 processor. It’s also scalable to dual core, something the Raspberry does not support.

You can order a HummingBoard now in one of three configurations: The entry-level HummingBoard-i1 starts at $44.99. The HummingBoard-i2 comes with double the processing power and RAM of the i1 and starts at $74.99 and the HummingBoard-i2eX with the speed of the i2 but with PCIe, mSATA, internal USB and RTC support will cost you $99.99. All the boards are expected to ship on July 7.


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