Ranker rolls out its embeddable widget so you can rank all the things

Ranker rolls out its embeddable widget so you can rank all the things

Ranker has officially released its widget for sharing and contributing to its collection of crowdsourced lists about anything. The new widget is mobile-ready and includes the option for a slideshow mode when appropriate.

Since the last time we caught up with Ranker in August 2013, the company has doubled the size of its audience and grown its monthly page views by more than threefold. The company now ranks as one of Quantcast’s top 200 sites on the Web.

With the release of its widget, Ranker’s reach will become even more distributed as it works with publishers to bring its lists to their sites. During the beta phase, Ranker placed the widget on over 3,000 domains. Based on its test partners, Ranker touts up to a 50 percent increase in engagement and a 70 percent increase in time on the site.

Essential Software/Apps We Can’t Live Without

Publisher partners that are really into Ranker’s content can also partner with the firm to run ads in-line with the widget and collect a share of the revenue. Other features include a WordPress plugin and built-in social sharing.

As Ranker grows, it’s emerging as more than a site and becoming a full-on platform. The company has seen tremendous engagement from partner sites with followings that weigh in on niche topics like specific TV shows. Since many of those are communities that Ranker wouldn’t normally attract to its main site, the startup benefits from the additional data from enthusiasts and fans.

Up to this point, Ranker has remained focused on its product and reach, but the company is now sitting on a gold mine of data that could help marketers reach consumers. The companies already operating at a modest profit, but you can expect that to jump quickly once Ranker decides to focus on it.

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