Memeoirs now turns your WhatsApp chats into a book

Memeoirs now turns your WhatsApp chats into a book

WhatsApp is used by more than half a billion people to communicate with friends and family each month, but, unlike more traditional mediums, chats stay buried inside the app. Italian company Memeoirs wants to change that.

Memeoirs currently allows customers to create books based on emails and Facebook messages, as we wrote in March, and now it is expanding that to include WhatsApp chats.


“We’ve had this idea for a long time now, and many of our customers keep telling us how cool it would be to print a book with their WhatsApp chats. It’s a go-to app for lots of couples that are away during the day, and you can imagine how much sweet talk happens in there. But it’s not just couples. We’re really looking forward to having people try the new books out, the potential is just so big,” said Memeoirs COO Fred Rocha.

A paperback version of a WhatsApp book costs $40, or customers can pay $60 for a hardback version.

This might not be something for every WhatsApp user, but if you use the app with family or your significant other, then it might make for a unique Christmas or birthday gift.


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