Yahoo launches mobile-first native ads with larger photos, will be marked as sponsored across its products

Yahoo launches mobile-first native ads with larger photos, will be marked as sponsored across its products ...

Yahoo today launched image-rich native ads that are designed to be mobile-first. The company also emphasizes they are seamlessly integrated with surrounding content, targeted to the right consumer for even better results, and clearly marked as sponsored.

The new ads are available through Yahoo Gemini, the company’s unified marketplace for advertisers dealing with mobile search and native advertising. The new ads will appear within users’ personalized content streams, as well as article pages and image galleries across Yahoo mobile and desktop products.


Yahoo notes that more than half of its global monthly active users come to its sites on a mobile device. It thus makes sense that now is the time for the company to declare a commitment “to delivering outstanding advertising that is designed specifically for mobile and integrated across our new experiences.”

Yahoo says it has reinvented “nearly all” of its products over the last year or so. They are now more “visually stunning” and the company argues the advertising experience “should be just as beautiful and engaging.”

Here is the company’s reasoning for the move:

When advertising is a seamless part of the stories, photos and videos around it, it enhances the way people discover and share, while increasing engagement, recall, intent and favorability for advertisers. We’re excited to move toward a new mobile experience that brings together engaging content and even richer advertising.

Tapping on the ads will take the user to the brand’s site directly, or let them view a full-screen visual “for even greater interactivity and impact.” In other words, the ads will be taking users off Yahoo, but the company hopes that the experience will be a high-quality one.

Yahoo says top advertisers are already using these new ad formats. Unfortunately, it was only named one participating company: Netflix.

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Top Image Credit: David Paul Morris/Getty Images

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