Discovered is like Etsy for artisans in emerging markets

Discovered is like Etsy for artisans in emerging markets

Discovered today launched an online marketplace to help artisans from emerging markets sell handcrafted goods around the world.

At first glance, the online store looks identical to Etsy, with an array of jewellery, bags, scarves, home decorations and furniture to peruse and purchase. Discovered is different, however, because it’s also committed to supporting communities in emerging economies.

Today, the marketplace stocks products from six countries (India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Mexico) but it hopes to expand further in the coming months. Discovered’s initial target is to have teams in 12 countries, discovering local talent and bringing at least 10,000 products online.

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When you review an item, you’ll see not just the product, but the story behind the person that created it. Discovered therefore has a philanthropic element; in addition to buying a unique product, you know that the money you’re spending is going towards a good cause. “Every purchase makes a direct difference,” Discovered founder Gijsbert van der Sleen said. “But buyers and sellers can also meet and help each other. That’s the beauty of [it].”

Discovered is supported by Enviu, an international organisation that helps businesses trying to make an environmental and social impact. The startup was also part of TNW’s Boost program and presented at our European Conference.

Image Credit: Discovered

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