Skimlinks content monetization platform adds ‘intelligent’ links that auto-update, check stock

Skimlinks content monetization platform adds ‘intelligent’ links that auto-update, check ...

Skimlinks, the service that lets publishers monetize content by placing affiliate links to products on a page, has revealed an update that the company says will do away with “decades-old static hyperlinks” and improve conversion rates.

Announced today, the Skimlinks Editor now has a number of new features designed to give users more control over their links. For example, editors can create automatically updating links to products with real-time pricing and stock information, and provide links for up to two alternative merchants too. Links will also now reflect a user’s location and preferences, the company said.


The updated Skimlinks Editor capabilities also bring more control over SkimWords (the system used to automatically find relevant product references on a page and turn them into links) — namely the ability to easily toggle them on and off, and the option to edit the link destination. Users can also now add new links themselves with their own suggested products.

The update follows the launch of a Skimlinks Chrome extension in November last year, which allows users to see referral rates for retailers at a glance.

The success of an ad platform such as Skimlinks rests on a balancing unobtrusive browsing (or visitors to any site using the service) with control for editors and content managers — and of course, worthwhile revenues. In 2013, Skimlinks said it powered $500 million worth of online sales, and is aiming to double that in 2014 by topping the $1 billion barrier. Clearly, today’s update is part of that plan to draw in new users.

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