Blue Bottle Coffee acquires subscription coffee startup Tonx

Blue Bottle Coffee acquires subscription coffee startup Tonx

Tonx, a startup working on a subscription model for coffee beans, has just announced an acquisition deal from Blue Bottle Coffee.

The company wrote in a blog post that it had reached a point where a dedicated production facility was in order, but it required either a partner or venture capital to finance it. Co-founder Tony Konecny noted:

With Blue Bottle, we have found a more established company that still has an innovative startup culture, continues to evolve, and is dedicated to improving people’s experience of coffee on an ambitious scale. And they have resources we could only dream of.

In the short term, Tonx will continue to send out shipments to customers. With Blue Bottle’s help it will expand its production schedule and selection, before eventually sunsetting the brand and continuing their efforts from within Blue Bottle.

Both companies have loads of respect from the coffee-loving community and a similar upstart flair about them, so the deal does seem to be a good fit. If anything, the partnership should open up more opportunities to get a great cup of coffee whether at home or out and about.

Image credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

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