Gracenote taps Musicmetric to help identify new artists before they go mainstream

Gracenote taps Musicmetric to help identify new artists before they go mainstream

Gracenote has announced that it’s reeling in social analytics data from Musicmetric to its Gracenote Rhythm platform.

Gracenote has established itself at the forefront of the media metadata industry and, back in January, we reported on the company’s new Rhythm API. The platform gives developers access to a new set of music suggestion algorithms, which can then be weaved into apps and services that offer radio stations, or infinite playlists based on a specific artist, album, track or genre. It’s all about enabling music discovery and accurate recommendations in third-party services.

Musicmetric, on the other hand, is a platform from UK-based startup Semetric, that delivers data about musicians’ popularity online, covering every cranny from Twitter to BitTorrent. This latest deal will see Gracenote take Musicmetric’s data to help it identify new and emerging artists before they hit the mainstream.

Back in January, we reported that Gracenote was also incorporating Next Big Sound’s real-time music consumption and trending data into its products. Similar to Musicmetric, Next Big Sound is an online analytics platform that measures the popularity of bands across the Web, covering music-streaming services, social networks and radio. So today’s news is basically helping Gracenote double-down on this front.

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