37signals rebrands as Basecamp, puts all its resources into the project management tool

37signals rebrands as Basecamp, puts all its resources into the project management tool

Collaboration and communication software maker 37signals is best known for its popular project management tool, Basecamp, and now the company has announced that it is rebranding as Basecamp.

It makes perfect sense for 37signals to capitalize on the name of its most recognizable product. CEO Jason Fried says in an announcement on the company website:

While 37signals is well known in tech circles, far more people around the world actually know us for Basecamp. And since we’re going to be completely focused on Basecamp moving forward, why don’t we just go all in on “Basecamp”.

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Moving forward, Basecamp will be the focus of the entire company. “With our whole team — from design to development to customer service to ops — focused on one thing, Basecamp will continue to get better in every direction and on every dimension,” Fried says.

February 5 is Basecamp’s tenth anniversary — and Fried reveals that more than 15 million people have Basecamp accounts, while just last week another 6,622 companies signed up for new Basecamp accounts.

As for 37signals’ other companies, Fried says in the short term there will be no changes. However, in the long term, 37signals will either spin them off into separate firms where it retains partial ownership, sell the products outright — or in the case that there’s no suitable partner or buyer, it will run the products in maintenance mode, which means there will be no new development, only security updates or minor bug fixes.

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