Sony PlayStation Vita ‘Slim’ headed to UK on February 7, priced at around £180

Sony PlayStation Vita ‘Slim’ headed to UK on February 7, priced at around £180

Sony has announced that its slimmed-down handheld PS Vita console will go on sale in the UK from February 7 and will cost around £180, making it £50 cheaper than when the original PS Vita first went on sale.

The device, which is available to pre-order from today, had previously only been available to customers in Japan, but the consumer electronics manufacturer has decided to offer it more widely outside of its home market.

In comparison to the original Vita, this version is 20 percent thinner, around 15mm (excluding its deepest protrusion) and weighs in at 219 grams, down from around 260 grams.

Sony has also swapped the proprietary charger for a standard USB connector and given it 1GB of storage to get you going.


While it hadn’t been previously offered outside Japan, it makes sense for Sony to now begin to offer a cheaper, lighter version of its device to users as it functions as a companion device that extends the possibilities for the PlayStation 4 console with things such as remote play of PS4 games.

In addition to announcing the new handheld for the UK market, Ben Law, senior product manager of PlayStation UK, revealed that there will also be a new indie games Megapack that will include 10 games (such as Thomas was alone, Limbo, Hotline Miami and more) and a 40GB memory card. Law said the pack would cost around £20.

Featured Image Credit – KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

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