Mixpanel now enables non-techies to set up and run push marketing campaigns inside apps

Mixpanel now enables non-techies to set up and run push marketing campaigns inside apps

Real-time analytics platform Mixpanel has launched a new tool that helps businesses bring in-app notifications right into their mobile apps. As a result, this enables marketers to not only create their own custom messaging, but also target it and track user responses all without needing complex programming capabilities.

Almost akin to a WYSIWYG editor, Mixpanel’s in-app notifications platform automatically works crafted messages around existing designs. All a marketer needs to do is upload an image to the interface, compose a message, and select who will receive it, leveraging the improved data segmentation feature that was added to its analytics tool in June 2013.

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While apps can be programmed to generate their own notifications, Mixpanel’s latest tool is not geared specifically for developers, but for business managers, marketers, and those who are interested in using data to perhaps understand if an exclusive offer would be good to those that came from Twitter, Facebook, or some other source. Furthermore, it may also be feasible for marketers to implement in-app notifications on Mixpanel-enabled apps. In doing so, it seems Mixpanel is potentially competing against the likes of Kiip.

Company CEO Suhail Doshi says that although web utilities is a multi-billion dollar industry, there are a few mobile companies that have developed tools to help other companies grow: “With our analytics platform and now in-app notifications, we’re stepping into this untapped market in a big way.”

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Photo credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

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