Amazon redesigns developer portal with streamlined app submissions, site-wide search, full API list, and more

Amazon redesigns developer portal with streamlined app submissions, site-wide search, full API list, ...

Amazon today revamped its developer portal with a new look and feel. Yet this isn’t just a new coat of paint: the site is now more efficient at helping app makers plan, build, and submit their work to the Amazon Appstore.

The biggest change is that you can now you can just drag and drop your APK onto the site’s updated testing widget to check Amazon Appstore compatibility. This is for those developers who already have an Android app, and want to see if their app is ready to go (Amazon claims “most are”). The app submission process can be started directly from the results page: just create a free developer account and submit it using the Developer Console.

The new site-wide search tool in the top navigation bar is something that should have been there from the start. Amazon has also added a wide variety of support resources to help you through the development process, including documentation, development tools, marketing tips, promotional tools, videos, case studies, blog posts, and a schedule of upcoming training events.

Broken down further, here are all the new resources:

  • Dedicated page for Game Developers: the tools and services that game developers will find most helpful, including game engine plug-ins and cross-platform APIs that can help you maximize revenue from In App Purchasing.
  • Dedicated pages for HTML5 and iOS developers: HTML5/web app developers get their own resources page as well as building a page specifically for iOS developers who may want to take advantage of Amazon’s Analytics tools, A|B Testing tools, or game services.
  • Resources for PC and Mac game developers: Even if you don’t build for mobile devices, Amazon has some great promotion programs to help you submit your game to Amazon and get noticed in its Digital Games and Software store, Indie Games store, and Free-to-Play store.
  • Community resources and a calendar of events: This Community space provides you with access to the Developer Blog and Forums, lists upcoming events and webinars, as well as features the latest tech news gathered from periodicals and blogs around the world.
  • A Resources section (including how-to videos): This section contains links to development tools, marketing tips, promotional programs, and learning resources that include videos and documentation.

Speaking of dedicated pages, this one has all of the Amazon Appstore APIs and their compatible platforms. Also worth noting is the free Amazon Mobile App SDK, which gives you access to APIs for monetization and engaging your audience across Android and iOS platforms.

Top Image Credit: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images

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