Getonic is rolling out actionable ad units so you can buy products without ever leaving a page

Getonic is rolling out actionable ad units so you can buy products without ever leaving a page

Getonic, the company that wants to turn your social feeds into a retail channel, has rolled out a new ad product that allows businesses to more easily build and share advertisements for products across social channels and other ad-networks.

The new ad units ultimately mean that people will be able to purchase items directly from the advert in question, rather than having to click through to the retailers’ site to complete the process.

The new feature is a part of the company’s POPshop platform, which now allows users to quickly set up a product in their POPshop and then directly share it as an in-feed store or promote it via Facebook, Right Media (Yahoo) or the Google Display Network (GDN).


The company said that the ads will be automatically targeted for the relevant audience on the chosen networks and will include purchasing capabilities that allow viewers to buy the product (including paying) directly from within the ad. Getonic said the new ad unit was designed to restore some of the experience of impulse buys to Web shopping.

As things stand right now, users that click to buy an item shown in an ad are still redirected to PayPal, but this will change to being completed fully within the ad unit within the next “two to three weeks”, Getonic’s CEO Adi Eyal, told TNW.

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