Adblock Plus now lets you remove 10 ‘annoyances’ from YouTube, including the Google+ commenting system

Adblock Plus now lets you remove 10 ‘annoyances’ from YouTube, including the Google+ commenting ...

Adblock Plus already lets you customize Facebook and Twitter, offering to remove content that isn’t strictly advertising. Starting today, the service is expanding its blocking powers to YouTube as well.

Adblock Plus is particularly annoyed with YouTube’s recent decision to force its users to use the Google+ commenting system, which it says makes it “impossible to remain anonymous.” Even though a petition campaigning against the change has passed the 200,000 mark, Adblock Plus admits it “looks as if their voices will be ignored.”

Enter the YouTube Customizer page, Adblock Plus’ latest tool that lets you selectively remove 10 “annoyances” from the service:


Adblock Plus explains it wants to put its users back in control:

In addition to the infamous 30-second video ads served on the site, YouTube injects a lot of other content in your browser. Like the comments or suggested videos. Perhaps you’d like to see some of this content, perhaps you’d like to see none of it – our YouTube Customizer page puts you in charge of what you see and what you don’t.

Here is the full list of 10 elements that you can now block, assuming you have the extension installed:

  • Comments.
  • Suggested Videos.
  • Featured Videos in the Endscreen.
  • Recommended Videos in the Endscreen.
  • Sharing tab in the description.
  • In-Video Annotations.
  • Related Channels on Channel Pages.
  • Featured Channels on Channel Pages.
  • Popular Channels on Channel Pages.
  • Recommended Channels on the Homepage.

In the last few weeks, Adblock Plus has started bravely poking a lot of big companies. Users certainly appreciate the moves, but we’re not so sure the story will end quietly.

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Top Image Credit: asabird

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