Swrve adds mobile push notification option so brands can send targeted marketing outside of the app

Swrve adds mobile push notification option so brands can send targeted marketing outside of the app

In the mobile age, marketers are becoming eager to find ways to continue selling their product to users once the app has been exited. Swrve believes it has the solution with the addition of push notifications to its in-app marketing platform.With this feature, the company believes that it can help improve marketing campaigns by linking them both in and out of the app and make them personalized to the user.

Currently with Swrve, developers and companies can utilize it to gauge what activity is happening on their mobile app. The service perhaps most closely resembles a mix between Kiip and analytics companies like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, and New Relic. By this we mean it utilizes data accumulated through app usage to serve personalized marketing campaign experiences to each user.

Hugh Reynolds, the founder and CEO of Swrve, said in a statement: “The mobile experience is an intimate one and success depends on treating each mobile consumer as an individual. We ensure mobile-savvy companies can create personalized experiences and get relevant marketing to the right groups.”

With the inclusion of push notifications, the company believes that marketers will exploit the analytic data to send messages to users in an attempt to bring them back to the app. This idea would work great with game developers and potentially even in the shopping field.

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Marketers can set up Push Campaigns right from Swrve’s website. The exact message, sound, and placement can be established. The push notification is no different than what you might receive from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even from your email app.

One point that may concern people is exactly how Swrve intends to handle privacy concerns and process opt-out requests. Presumably it would be handled by the individual developers, but it would seem that Swrve is functioning almost akin to an email marketing provider where it needs to manage the database and any subscription inquiries.

Swrve says that its service is being used in many of the “most successful apps” and currently processes over 2 billion events each day.

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