Niklas Zennström’s Atomico raises $476m as it looks to help build “world-leading technology companies”

Niklas Zennström’s Atomico raises $476m as it looks to help build “world-leading technology ...

Niklas Zennström is one of Europe’s most accomplished entrepreneurs with companies like Skype, KaZaa and Joost under his belt. But since 2006, he has operated a high-profile venture capital firm called Atomico, which has just announced a whopping $476m fund to bolster the coffers of startups in Europe and beyond.

Atomico has previously invested in names such as Rovio, Jawbone, Fab, Klarna, Hailo, Xobni, FON, Jolicloud and Rdio, and now with its new near-half-billion dollar fund, it is looking to continue building “lasting success at scale”.

This represents Atomico’s third fund, three times the size of its previous round, and the VC firms says it’s already oversubscribed. This is a significant boost for tech startups around the world, and it will be interesting to see what companies ultimately reap the rewards. Certainly, Atomico notes that its looking to work with founders “who have the ambition, drive and potential to build world-leading technology companies .”

Meanwhile, check out our interview with Niklas Zennström from last year, where he discusses Atomico’s investment strategy and Europe’s evolving startup ecosystem.

Great companies can come from anywhere—announcing Atomico III, our $476m fund to help them scale

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