Offline over the weekend? Read all the tech news you missed right here

Offline over the weekend? Read all the tech news you missed right here

What’s that? You cavorted your way through the weekend and didn’t get around to reading all the latest tech news?

Fret not, here’s everything you’ve missed from The Next Web and beyond over the last two days.

News from over the weekend at The Next Web:

Don’t expect any new apps, updates or price changes on Apple’s App Store from December 21-27

Adobe’s leaked passwords are now a playable crossword game

Apple reportedly acquires 3D sensor tech company PrimeSense for $345m

Pinterest launches a localized version of its social network in the Nordics

Good reads:

Ghost in the Cloud: Dealing with data after death

PlayStation 4 first impressions: A shaky launch, but plenty of potential

How Twitter’s new expanded images increase clicks, retweets and favorites

How to build a multi-million dollar website without spending a cent

Why Google Play Music All Access beats Spotify hands down

What startups can learn from the Tesla fire crisis

Does your startup really need to hire in-house developers?

How to launch a startup without knowing a line of code

From beyond The Next Web:

How to Get Censored on China’s Twitter

US has Already Ceded Dominance in Bitcoin Trading

Forced Google Plus integration on YouTube backfires, petition hits 112,000

Reaching for Silicon Valley

Google’s Broken Promises & Who’s Running The Search Engine?

How Amazon Studios went from grassroots idealist to Hollywood threat

Snap Out of It: Kids Aren’t Reliable Tech Predictors

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