Major League Gaming gets its own premium platform for streaming eSports: MLG.TV

Gaming LAN Party

We’ve always been big fans of Major League Gaming (MLG), a company that hosts competitive gaming tournaments around the US and across the Web. And today, the company has announced the launch of MLG.TV, which is essentially a premium online video-streaming platform.

Thus far, MLG has tapped everything from broadcast networks such as ESPN, to dedicated streaming sites such as Ustream. But now its looking to host its very own network and, in the two-week beta phase in the build-up to launch, MLG says it streamed more than 1.3PB of video content globally.

MLG produces and distributes eSports programming daily at MLG.TV, and will stream league tournaments such as the upcoming MLG Championship in Columbus, Ohio. The company is known for hosting tournaments for the likes of DOTA 2 and League of Legends.


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