Dropbox revamps business service so you can manage both personal and work files

Dropbox revamps business service so you can manage both personal and work files

Dropbox has rebuilt its business service from the ground up to make it easier to manage both your personal and your work files.

The new service works by allowing Dropbox for Business uses to pair their private personal boxes with a company box, which can be managed by the enterprise. A beta version of the client will roll out to Dropbox for Business customers later this month.

The new paired accounts are meant to meet users’ needs by understanding what they want to keep private and what they want to share with their company. Camera uploads from the mobile app, for instance, will automatically go to the personal account.


Dropbox compared the solution to keeping your house keys and your company keycard on the same keychain. The two accounts will show up as separate tabs when you login from any device, so you can easily switch between the two.

Despite being largely focused on a consumer-facing product, Dropbox has attracted more than 4 million businesses, including 97 percent of the Fortune 500. Overall, the company has 200 million users.

This isn’t business as usual [Dropbox for Business]

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