BERG opens its ‘Internet of things’ development platform to everyone

BERG opens its ‘Internet of things’ development platform to everyone

London-based design company BERG has been designing products with major tech firms such as Google and Intel since 2005, not to mention its own neat little printer which launched to much acclaim last year.

It seems this kickstarted a shift in the company’s focus, from a consultancy with clients to more of a connected product-based platform for developers called BERG Cloud.

After a spell in private, BERG Cloud is now opening up to everyone, meaning that the technology, services and design ethos behind Little Printer is now, well, open to everyone. This brings a suite of integrated hardware and services to developers and designers to build Web-enabled products – what we’re talking about here, of course, is the Internet of things.

With its Berg Cloud Devkit , BERG hopes to help “reduce the cost of invention and increase speed to market”, through enabling more effective prototyping towards developing Web-connected products. The Devkit will be available to purchase from October 31.

BERG Cloud Now Open to Everyone

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