Statigram Index is a phenomenal Instagram leaderboard and benchmarking tool for brands

Statigram Index is a phenomenal Instagram leaderboard and benchmarking tool for brands

Instagram is one of the most exciting mobile apps for advertisers and brands to market their products and reach out to new customers. (Especially now that we’ve seen what native Instagram ads will look like.) However, the photo-centric social network doesn’t offer much in the way of analytics, which is forcing corporate customers to seek out third-party alternatives.

Statigram is one of the most prolific options and today, the company is introducing a new ranking and benchmarking tool called Statigram Index. It’s a well-designed, responsive leaderboard that ranks over 1,000 Instagram accounts based on their follower count, community engagement, hashtag popularity and total number of photo and video uploads.

Statigram Index - Top Brands Celebrities

By default, the leaderboard will show you all of the top brands as they currently stand on Instagram. By using the tabs at the top of the page, it’s then possible to narrow the time frame down to the last 30 days, 7 days or 24 hours.

Statigram Index - Top Brands Last 7 days

Notably, these time-sensitive filters display the ‘Tops & Flops’ for that particular stretch of time, rather than a standard leaderboard. These snapshots show the three brands which have lost or gained the most followers, received the most images with their relevant hashtag, and so forth. It’s an excellent means of reviewing which brands and marketing campaigns are performing well.

Statigram Index - Starbucks

It’s a similar concept to Nitrogram 50, although in our view Statigram’s execution and design makes it the better option. You can also search for brands to see a unique profile, built by Statigram, with detailed insights into their performance, including their follower ranking and engagement rate. Follower distribution and posts on hashtag are also illustrated with clear infographics, which is entirely unique to the platform.

If you work with Instagram for professional purposes – maybe you’re a small business owner, or currently run the account for your current employer, Statigram is worth looking at. The leaderboard is completely free, so even if you’re just curious to see who’s the most popular celebrity at the moment, this is a novel and accessible tool to use.

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