LinkedIn brings its Work With Us job tool to mobile, launches iOS app to help recruiters manage candidates

LinkedIn brings its Work With Us job tool to mobile, launches iOS app to help recruiters manage candidates ...

LinkedIn today unveiled two new mobile products designed to help recruiters and job candidates better connect with one another and “increase productivity”. Called Mobile Work With Us and Recruiter Mobile, these features allows all parties in the application process manage applications while on the go. Recruiter Mobile is available now for iOS.

work-with-us-adsWith Mobile Work With Us, this is the smartphone equivalent of LinkedIn’s existing Work With Us offering. Those looking for jobs can scour through the professional social network’s profiles to find a colleague, co-worker, or someone they wish to connect with and then view job openings at their current company. If I was interested in a job at The Next Web, I might look at Martin Bryant’s LinkedIn profile and on there, I would see a listing for available positions at the publication. Now, it’s on mobile.

While it’s an interesting feature, make no mistake that this is an ad placement. LinkedIn says that it will appear at the top of members’ profiles, a place that will “drive lots of engagement”. This isn’t necessarily a new feature, per se. It was available on the Web browser for the past couple of years.

The newest mobile app in LinkedIn’s arsenal is Recruiter Mobile, an iOS product that lets those looking to bring in new talent into an organization better manage applications and interactions with candidates and hiring managers. The app is free to download. Recruiters can respond to candidate inquiries in real-time either by phone, text, email, or through LinkedIn’s InMail service. The app also offers the ability to search for candidates and tracking their updates — all from the comfort of an iOS device.

LinkedIn says that 33 percent of its members visit the social network through their mobile device. And since the its talent solution service is one of its most profitable divisions, it’s no wonder that the company is making it easier for people to connect.

This is the latest product that LinkedIn has launched for recruiters since May when it launched CheckIn, an app that helps curate and manage information about candidates for recruiters. That particular app was probably more suited towards job and career fairs while Recruiter Mobile is specifically for HR-related tasks while on the go.

Recruiter Mobile for iOS

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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