Indiegogo’s new features help campaigners track data and raise more money for their projects

Indiegogo’s new features help campaigners track data and raise more money for their projects

Being able to raise money effectively online is why so many people flock to crowdfunding platforms, and Indiegogo has introduced a series of new features today to help users manage their campaigns more effectively by tracking data, as it seeks to add more value to its services.

Campaigners can now get more data about their campaigns, increased ways to attract people to chip in funding, and more effective ways to track contributions and fulfill perks.

In the meantime, Indiegogo found a few takeaways regarding the success of campaigns on its platform. Campaigns that post at least three updates raise about 239 percent more than those that post fewer updates, while campaigns run by teams tend to raise about 94 percent more than those run by one person.

More videos are better too, as campaigns with videos raise approximately 115 percent more than those without. As for perks, the $25 ones are the most popular, while 45 days is the optimal campaign length.

To make sure users have access to information that will help improve their campaigns, Indiegogo has released a new campaigner dashboard with data and tools for users to optimize their campaigns.

The service has rolled out features such as improved funding data and trend analysis, and even incorporated integration with Google Analytics so users can monitor page traffic in real-time. Here are a list of the changes Indiegogo is making.

  • Funding data — You get to track which websites are driving the most traffic to your campaign, as well as contributions and conversions, where contributors are based, and which individuals are referring the most visitors to a campaign.
  • Trend analysis — Track contribution trends and the impact of different promotion efforts.
  • Fulfillment — Streamline fulfillment efforts via an interactive contributors tab with a reporting and tracking function.
  • Perks — Monitor which perks are attracting the most funding and promote those.
  • Google Analytics — Integration with Google Analytics accounts to monitor traffic in real-time

Indiegogo co-founder Danae Ringelmann says: “Our customers are increasingly using data from our platform as a tool for raising funds, and the features we’re launching today will make that process even more beneficial.”

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