Intelligent personal assistant app Cue, formerly known as social search startup Greplin, shuts down

Intelligent personal assistant app Cue, formerly known as social search startup Greplin, shuts down

Cue, the intelligent personal assistant app that began its life as Greplin, has announced on its homepage that it has shut down. All of the app’s data and your personal information has not been stored or transferred; Cue says it has already permanently deleted everything in accordance with the company’s privacy policy.

Premium users who registered through the website will be getting a prorated refund while Premium users who registered through the iPhone app can request one via iTunes. Cue apologized in its farewell post but the announcement seems to have come completely out of the blue: there was no warning, no shut down date, and no explanation beyond “the Cue service is no longer available.”

Before the intelligent personal assistant app, there was Greplin, which the company described as a “personal search engine that allows you to search all your online data in one easy place.” The service let you sift through emails, tweets, and Facebook status updates from the Greplin site or the Greplin app for iOS.

In June 2012, the personal search startup rebranded as Cue, also available as both a website and iOS app. Cue pulled information from all your online accounts to present an overview of your upcoming day, in addition to the social search function provided by Greplin.

Here’s the announcement, which we’ve included in full as it’s not clear how long the website will be up for:

We appreciate all of the support from you, our users, as Cue has grown over the last few years. However, the Cue service is no longer available.

Cue Premium users who registered through the website will receive a prorated refund. Cue Premium users registered though the iPhone App can request a refund through iTunes. In accordance with our privacy policy, your data and personal information will not be stored or transferred; it has been permanently deleted.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you. It’s been an incredible journey that wouldn’t have been possible without your loyal support.

Our sincerest thanks,
– The Cue Team

Cue was founded by Daniel Gross and Robby Walker. Their curt message doesn’t explain where they’ll be heading next, but based on their past work, they’re definitely worth watching out for.

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Top Image Credit: Alan Bridges

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