Garmin’s new Forerunner GPS watches want to be your personal coach

Garmin’s new Forerunner GPS watches want to be your personal coach

Screenshot_2Garmin is a well-established brand in the GPS watch space, with the likes of the Forerunner 610 (touchscreen) serving as a good piece of kit for serious keep-fit fans. Now, Garmin has launched the Forerunner 220 and 620 GPS running watches, which come in at $250 and $400 respectively.

Judging from the video below, Garmin is taking its GPS products to the next level, with a couple of very thin, lightweight timepieces that promise to behave just like a personal coach. And they both have color screens too, though only the 620 is touch-enabled.

The 620 has a recovery advisor feature, predicts your race time and VO2 max (oxygen consumption) estimate. Also, when used in conjunction with the HRM-Run which costs an extra $50, the 620 measures how long your foot is on the ground rather than in flight – for reference, elite runners usually spend less than 200-milliseconds on the ground for each step.

Although it’s primarily a GPS watch, it also works with indoor running, with both the 620 and 220 featuring a built-in accelerometer to track distance and pace, similar to a Withings Pulse and other trackers.

There’s A Coach In Every Watch: Garmin Forerunner 620 and 220 | Garmin Blog

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