Givit partners with Sector 9 and Ball is Life to bring skate and basketball videos to Google Glass

Givit partners with Sector 9 and Ball is Life to bring skate and basketball videos to Google Glass

Social video platform Givit has teamed up with skateboarding company Sector 9 and basketball site Ball is Life to bring their user-generated videos to its app for Google Glass.

Givit got in early on the Google Glass Explorer program and built a Glassware app for sharing videos recorded on the eyewear to its iOS app. The company has now added the ability to discover, watch and share videos on Google Glass.

Sector 9 and Ball is Life make natural partners for Givit’s Glass app, as point-of-view sport videos are one of the exciting possibilities for the project. Givit founder Greg Kostello said that when he let skateboarders try Glass for the first time, they were “blown away” by the ability to just put it on, press record and ride without the change in weight distribution that comes from helmet-mounted action cams.

Basketball and skateboarding are among Givit’s top categories, followed by gymnastics and cheerleading.

Givit’s Glass app includes the ability to browse hashtags and profiles straight from the device. The company is being careful not to overload the app by putting too many features in it, though it is still interested in eventually allowing users to edit videos directly on Glass.

Interestingly, Givit has yet to release an Android app, despite its keen interest in Google Glass. However, Kostello believes there’s still a “whole world of iOS users” that can take advantage of Glass.

Google itself is interested in building out Glass as a device for video consumption. Earlier this week, the company updated the software on the device to include YouTube videos in search results. Between third-party developers like Givit and Google’s own efforts, Glass should have plenty of content options when it finally arrives.

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